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b the method

Thank you for your interest in working one-on-one with me!

Please send me your preferred times/days of the week and I will get back to you with my availability!

b the method is

A carefully curated sequence of Pilates-based exercises that leaves you feeling strong, supported and connected both physically and mentally.


Strengthen and protect at the same time! B The Method was built to last so you can exercise without injury.


Build the foundation for deeper abdominal support, balance and connection throughout your body.


No muscle untouched, no body part overlooked, B The Method is the path to a stronger, healthier and more unified body and mind.

All you need is your

workouts for every body

Over 400 videos, no two workouts are the same.

Full body 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute formats
Core focused deep strengthening of the abdominals
Cardio Flow quicker paced to elevate your heart rate
Length & reach oppositional movements to lengthen & open
Deep focused deeper strengthening of specific areas
Restorative moving meditation & body release
Fundamentals beginner series to focus on the basics of the method
Pre & postnatal safe movement before, during and after pregnancy
Myofascial relieving pain & tension of the fascia
Tutorials learn the basics and foundations

Classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

b the method is for


So many people deal with this and so often this pain is caused by exercising incorrectly. B the Method builds a strong, resilient core, which not only helps eliminate lower back pain but also makes sure the pain stays away.

sports and running

All athletic pursuits can benefit from a stronger core. Also, most injuries for athletes come from the fatigue of repetition and visual distraction. The full body connectivity and focus of B The Method will help protect you at all levels of play.

posture and spine

Hours of screen time puts pressure on your lumbar spine and weakens the supporting musculature, making the spine more prone to injury. Lia initially studied Pilates to help her scoliosis and B The Method was developed as an every day solution for spine health.

balance and stability

The intentional, pointed cueing during a B The Method class ensures that you are evenly working all sides of your body. This will help support you throughout your day. Also, did you know that balance has subtle effects on your confidence?


B The Method is all about pelvic floor health. Both women and men can improve their levels of arousal by properly strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Most people have never even heard of this important area of our core. Women with a stronger pelvic floor are proven to have better sex and stronger orgasms.

mental health

It’s been a long few years and we’re all dealing with increased stress and anxiety. B The Method is a mind-body exercise, where the movements induce a meditative flow-state. Instead of exercising through distraction, B The Method encourages you to be fully present, connecting body and mind.

hi friend,

With so many fitness programs for you to choose from, I know it can be challenging to find what’s right for you. I created this method after years of training, teaching and experimenting with what works best for me and my clients. Those clients shared their experiences with friends and helped grow this community into thousands from all around the world.

I’m so grateful you have found your way here and are considering joining our community. This site should explain all the basics and benefits but if you have any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m always here for you.

Hopefully we’ll see you in class soon and welcome to B The Method, your new home for health.